Planted tomatoes, melon, cucumber and peppers inside on Saturday.  My sister-in-law got me a grow-lite for Christmas.  I am still worried about the warmth though.  I worry it’s not warm enough to sprout the seeds…. IMG_2299

I ordered my seeds from Territorial this year.  A friend and I spent a happy lunch hour choosing from the catalog!



There is never more decisive evidence of Spring than a violet. I have always loved these!


My Cutie Pies

My Cutie Pies

I was out of commission in the fall due to these guys… Well, one girl, one guy.  My daughter had twins and I couldn’t miss out!

When I got back, I went back to work teaching school – Language Arts this time and so I have been keeping busy.  But, now that it’s Spring, I will try to get back to sharing!



Gourmet S'Mores

After watching Chopped, my daughter challenged me with the following four ingredients: Graham Crackers, strawberries, hazelnut wafer cookies and ghost peeps.  Gourmet S’mores was the obvious choice.


My nephew is getting married in a few weeks.  I had the privilege of giving the shower for his fiancé. It was fun and memorable.  We used a black and white theme to be classy and and we made the food ourselves.  Thank goodness for Wendy and Patty’s decorating skills and for Ken’s cooking skills (even if he was offended that he wasn’t invited to the all girl shower – sorry Ken)  It was a wonderful day.  My favorite part was the game where we made bridal dresses from TP, paper towels and kleenex.  All teams had something special – bouquets, hats, etc… But the special dress was a reenactment of the 1920’s dress of Craig’s great great grandmother. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great pic of it but take my word for it -it was spectacular.

IMG_5326 IMG_5325 IMG_5324 IMG_5323 IMG_5322 IMG_5321 IMG_5320 IMG_5319

The chickens are amazing!  They are sweet and friendly.  They follow me around the yard while I’m gardening. They are very prolific layers, especially the CinnamonQueens.  All in all I think having chickens is a VERY positive experience.


Barbara, Dolly, and Bess - free ranging...

Barbara, Dolly, and Bess – free ranging…

The date had us fooled. We thought it was the end of March.  We thought it was time to plant peas and work on my new herb garden.  Our friend thought it was a great day to come over and help put in our chicken door and fencing.  But, in reality we got snow. More snow than we have gotten in the three and a half years we have lived here. Surprise!  We got more than a foot..

IMG_4618 IMG_4622 IMG_4624

My ten little babies are growing quickly. This little girl escapes at every opportunity!


although there’s a big snow storm on the way, here is a little sign that spring will not be stopped!


Chicks at 3 Weeks

Chicks at 3 Weeks

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