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So this happened today…

Bubbles was lonely. She is happy and ok if I keep her with her sister chicks, but their size difference is getting out of control. Everyone I discussed it with insisted that ducks shouldn’t be solo… Once they are grown and can be incorporated into the flock everything will be fine but there will be a big space of time when that won’t be. So, I went and got her a friend. What? A friend you say?  You think I have a counting problem? It’s true but I have to defend myself. The store won’t sell only one duck. So I had to get two… really…)

The problem with this store is that they don’t really know what they’re doing. I was a little sad because the babies had no water. They told me they had just arrived at the store 45 minutes earlier but ducks with no water?  That’s not ok…

Anyway… No names yet. I did some research and I think one is a white crested and the other is a Campbell Khaki but only time will tell… But they are cute and the brown one is very enthusiastic.

So now… my flock is up to 15.  ENOUGH!  (for now 🙂 )


March 2017