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Yesterday, being April 2, I got busy in the “garden.” One thing I have realized over the years is that with all the traveling I do, any grand garden plans I have usually don’t work out. So, last year a friend was cleaning out her garage and sold me her earth boxes.

4 things helped that helpĀ me realize these gardening containers are the way to go are that the box size keeps me from getting overly ambitious, they are located right on the deck so no one (me, dh, the house sitter) will forget to water them, the hose reaches easily to the deck, and they are safer from all the predators we have (deer, dogs, raccoons, etc…).

I planted one box of lettuce (black seeded simpson) and one box of peas.

In the box of peas I put sticks and tied them to the deck railing for the peas to climb on. I love using things that are direct from nature. I don’t need them to last more than the season so I am not looking for longevity and they are free and there are seemingly an endless supply.

I have two more empty earth boxes in the barn and I am saving those for tomatoes and zucchini.

April 2017