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So after 9 years, my life in the middle of a cornfield is coming to an end…

DH got a new job that allows him to work remotely. So our dream of getting back to the Arizona desert is coming true. We had friends who retired a few years ago and let us know that they had a hard time getting a new home loan because even though they weren’t a financial risk, they had no current earnings to report. Their advice to us was to get whatever retirement plan we had in order sooner rather than later. We definitely aren’t ready for retirement, but we knew that a decade flies by quickly, and so we talked about what we wanted to do. We knew the locale we wanted to return to. So, we just needed to find the perfect spot for us. I studied Zillow every day looking for the perfect place. I talked DH into the idea that it would be great to build, and we contacted a local realtor. For over 18 months, whenever we came to town, she took us around to different properties that we might like. Some of them we LOVED. But, we would quickly find out something discouraging. Some were in a “no – internet” zone – that’s a total deal breaker for us. Some were on bedrock, which might sound like a great idea, but building a septic on bedrock isn’t possible. So, you have to pay $40,000 + to put in a chemical septic. Also a deal breaker. We finally found a perfect place.

We finally found a perfect place – in the middle of the desert.

So from now on, you’ll be hearing about this adventure – our move, living in a 682 square foot house while we get settled, and  I’ll blog about designing and building a bigger house, while we take the non-existent landscape up a notch or two, and how we, our dogs, and our life adapts to this completely different world.

June 2018