I know most people say that in jest about something silly like not having the right milk percentage for your coffee. But the weight battle is something that has plagued me for years. So here we go again. Last September I did Whole 30.  I liked the idea, it was real food and no preservatives, which I am not a fan of. And by saying I did it, I mean, I really did it. I stuck to it for the whole time. It stunk. I felt HORRIBLE all the time. My friend who had encouraged me to do it told me I wasn’t eating enough. That was definitely a new one!  On the other hand, it wasn’t that hard – the prep, the sticking to it, etc. I just felt gross. I am pretty sure that was because in Whole 30 you give up EVERYTHING! No grains, no dairy, no sugar. It’s quite the challenge. I’m aware that there are more restrictive diets  – For example, for the past few weeks I’ve been considering Medifast… shudder…. But I want something that I can deal with for the long term, thus a modified Whole 30 – No dairy (goodbye ice cream and milk in my coffee) No sugar (duh) and no gluten (in other words, rice and oats are ok). I think a modified program is doable. I want something that I can feel good about and feel good doing. I’ll let you know. So here we go… Day 1 of a modified Whole 3000+

Here’s today’s breakfast – Sausage, onion, pepper, hash. It was good!

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March 2023